Monday, June 6, 2016

Early Intervention Services at DDI Young Autism Program

 A home improvement contractor based in New Jersey, Barry Grummer has served as president of KR&R for more than 15 years. Outside of his professional activities, Barry Grummer supports the efforts of the Young Autism Program at the Developmental Disabilities Institute (DDI).

A specialty program offered by DDI, the Young Autism Program (YAP) offers a full range of early intervention services for children under the age of three. Approved by the New York State Department of Health, early intervention programs set out to identify developmental delays in young children in areas such as adaptive, physical, cognitive, social-emotional, and communication skills.

The early intervention initiative at YAP provides comprehensive services for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, delivered either at home, in the community, or at the YAP center. Drawing on principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, services offered by YAP range from physical and speech therapy to social work and parent training/support. The YAP center also includes valuable learning opportunities such as iPads and classroom computers, peer play, and bilingual support.

To learn more about early intervention services offered by the Young Autism Program at DDI, visit the official website at

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