Friday, October 14, 2016

Developmental Disabilities Institute Sponsors Golf Fundraiser


President of K Restoration and Roofing Corp. since 2002, Barry Grummer oversees the construction company’s daily operations. When not in the office, Barry Grummer supports a number of charities, one of which is the Developmental Disabilities Institute (DDI) and its Young Autism Program.

Established in 1961, DDI addresses the needs of those with autism and other developmental disabilities. The nonprofit organization offers therapeutic intervention programs, and serves more than 1,500 children and adults with autism. It has five main campuses in cities throughout New York State: Huntington, Medford, Riverhead, Ronkonkoma, and Smithtown.

As a nonprofit organization, DDI relies heavily on financial donations and fundraisers to run its services and programs. One such fundraiser was the 2016 Golf Classic, which took place on June 20 at two different courses: Woodside Acres Country Club in Muttontown, and Pine Hollow Country Club in East Norwich. Participants could purchase a ticket for cocktails and dinner only, or for golf and dinner. Sponsorship opportunities at the golf courses were available for signs placed at tees, putting greens, and on golf carts.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pine Brook Jewish Center Celebrates 120th Anniversary


A graduate of Rutgers University, Barry Grummer has spent almost 15 years as president of the construction firm K Restoration and Roofing Corp., based out of New York City. Barry Grummer maintains membership with several professional groups and organizations, including the Pine Brook Jewish Center (PBJC).

Founded in 1896 and located in Montville, New Jersey, PBJC originally held religious services in local farmhouses. Over the years it erected buildings, as needed, to serve its growing number of constituents. The center, which is the oldest synagogue in Morris County, now greets a congregation of more than 500 adults and several hundred children.

PBJC began when a group of Orthodox farmers formed Chevra Agudas Achim Anshy, which was the first synagogue in the county. Jewish people find significance in “living to 120,” as this was Moses’ life span. To celebrate its 120th anniversary, PBJC held a gala on May 14, 2016, that included dancing, dinner, a raffle, and a silent auction. The raffle had a limit of 300 tickets, and the total cash prizes were more than $15,000. Dinner featured a buffet and cash bar, and was accompanied by a six-piece band.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Reasons to Visit Cappadocia

Based in New Jersey, Barry Grummer, the president of K Restoration and Roofing Corp., is certified in all types of roofing and materials and holds a graduate certificate in construction management from New York University. In his free time, Barry Grummer enjoys traveling around the world, most recently visiting Cappadocia, a region in central Turkey.

Cappadocia is known for its surreal landscapes, a mix of rounded and jagged rock formations found in hues ranging from reds to pinks. But the natural beauty is not the only reason to visit Cappadocia.

Cappadocia dates back to 5500 BCE, and has been visited by many of the world’s greatest civilizations, including the Hittites, the Greeks and Romans, the Byzantines, and the Ottomans. The area is also significant to both Christianity and Islam. Furthermore, Cappadocia is home to many unique arts and cultural customs, from pottery making and rug weaving to twirling dervishes and folk dancing.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Caring for a Cockapoo


Experienced in home restoration and roofing, Barry Grummer serves as a home improvement contractor and as president of KR&R, based in New York City. Outside of his work life, Barry Grummer is a dog owner and enjoys spending his free time with his pet cockapoo.

A mix of the cocker spaniel and poodle breeds, the cockapoo’s origins date back to the mid-20th century. These are friendly dogs who are loyal because of their cocker spaniel heritage--but they also tend to shed less hair due to their poodle genes. For new owners of this hybrid breed, here are two basic care tips.

Pay close attention to your pet’s diet. While it may be tempting, don’t feed a cockapoo table scraps or leftovers from dinner. The best way to keep a cockapoo healthy is to feed it quality dry food, as it has the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals that the dog needs.

Be sure the cockapoo gets enough exercise as well. Try to walk the dog at least twice a day, or if you have outside space, let the dog out for approximately two hours on a daily basis. This helps the animal get fresh air and acclimate to different spaces as well as burning energy in a healthy manner--all of which are beneficial to the dog’s overall well-being.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Two Underrated Spots to Visit in Peru

Barry Grummer has served as the president of KR&R since 2002 and possesses more than 40 years of experience in the roofing industry. Outside of his professional life, Barry Grummer enjoys international travel and has visited various international destinations including Peru.

Peru is a diverse country full of cultural history and landscapes ranging from arid to lush. Many people gravitate toward visiting Machu Picchu when in Peru, but there are other destinations that are also great places to check out.

For those who are fascinated by the history and cultural heritage of the Inca civilization, the Sacred Valley should be a must-visit destination. Running from the Urubamba River to Ollantaytambo, the ruins hearken back to the height of the Incan empire. Additionally, the region boasts more moisture and greenery in its landscapes than many other places in the country.

Once known as the home of “The Cloud People” of Peru, Chachapoyas is a picturesque location in the Andes that is almost always covered with cloud forest. The views are breathtaking, ranging from massive rivers to bright green hills, but its elevation in the Andes mountains also makes Chachapoyas colder than other spots in Peru.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

NYU Certificate in Construction Management Offers a Solid Foundation


The president of KR&R in New York, Barry Grummer has been working in the construction and contracting business for more than three decades. He has extensive experience with waterproofing, masonry, and overall business management, and he leverages this knowledge to lead KR&R. Barry Grummer also relies on his education, as he is certified in all types of materials and roofing and holds a construction management certificate from NYU.

The graduate certificate in construction management at NYU is designed for students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree. It is a great way for professionals to gain a solid foundation in construction management or simply improve their credentials. Students of the graduate certificate in construction management curriculum complete a subset of courses from NYU’s related master’s degree program. This allows them to apply their certificate credits to the master’s program for further study. However, the foundational knowledge taught in the certificate courses is plenty for students to begin their professional practice.

NYU’s graduate certificate in construction management teaches students about standards and basic practices in the industry. All certificate students must complete at least six courses that cover such topics as the construction process, legal principles, and construction cost estimating. All courses are taught by reputable construction management professionals, which gives classes a stronger connection to the real-world profession and helps students better understand how construction management really works.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Best Time to Visit Machu Picchu

Business executive Barry Grummer manages K Restoration and Roofing Corporation, which is based in New Jersey. In his free time, Barry Grummer enjoys traveling, and he most recently visited Machu Picchu in Peru.

An ancient Incan city tucked away in the Andes Mountains, Machu Picchu is a popular destination for tourists who enjoy history, natural beauty, and physical activity. Located near the equator at almost 8,000 feet above sea level, Machu Picchu sees a wide variety of weather. On average, temperatures range from 50 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and the city is almost always surrounded by fog, regardless of the season.

Peak tourist season at Machu Picchu runs from July to August, when the weather is generally dry and the nights are cooler. November through April is the rainy season, with January and February being the rainiest months, but many travelers choose to visit during these months to avoid heavier crowds. This can be a risky move, as weather conditions change rapidly and plans can be easily derailed. The Inca Trail is closed the entire month of February.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Early Intervention Services at DDI Young Autism Program

 A home improvement contractor based in New Jersey, Barry Grummer has served as president of KR&R for more than 15 years. Outside of his professional activities, Barry Grummer supports the efforts of the Young Autism Program at the Developmental Disabilities Institute (DDI).

A specialty program offered by DDI, the Young Autism Program (YAP) offers a full range of early intervention services for children under the age of three. Approved by the New York State Department of Health, early intervention programs set out to identify developmental delays in young children in areas such as adaptive, physical, cognitive, social-emotional, and communication skills.

The early intervention initiative at YAP provides comprehensive services for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, delivered either at home, in the community, or at the YAP center. Drawing on principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, services offered by YAP range from physical and speech therapy to social work and parent training/support. The YAP center also includes valuable learning opportunities such as iPads and classroom computers, peer play, and bilingual support.

To learn more about early intervention services offered by the Young Autism Program at DDI, visit the official website at

Friday, April 15, 2016

Green Roofs on Buildings Across The US

Barry Grummer worked in a variety of contracting and construction positions before taking a job as a mechanical assistant in the company he would later co-own. Currently the president of KR&R, a restoration and roofing business in New York City, Barry Grummer keeps up to date on his interests in contemporary home improvements, such as green roofs.

Green roofs are an environmentally friendly way for homeowners to make the most of their property. When properly constructed, they can reduce energy bills and the need for costly drainage systems, and provide a beautiful escape from daily life.

Though they may sometimes be overlooked by people on the ground, a number of well-known buildings in North America sport green roofs that soar high above the streets.

One of the most famous architectural structures, the Empire State Building, has four green roofs that total almost 1,000 square feet of green space. The park, which is almost 1,500 feet above street-level, was created in 2011.

The California Academy of Science in San Francisco focuses on sustainability in its courses. It lives its teachings through the unique, hilly landscape on its roof, that is home to a variety of wildlife.

In Chicago, the green roof that makes up Millennium Park spans just over 24 acres. Developed in 2004, the park provides a beautiful outdoor environment to visitors, and is home to many architectural and sculptural artworks.